adford Wine loves what he does for a living: the creation and the directing of film. He credits his ability to delve into a viewer’s emotions to his background of advertising and the fine arts. He has worked for numerous corporate clientele including Toyota and the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, and has painted a commissioned portrait of renowned American actor Robert Duvall.

“I am a man whose emotions run quite deep and I immerse myself completely within all of my work. Within my visual art, a viewer could see a two-dimensional work and understand what I was stating on one level, yet within a film, one can, simultaneously: hear my writings, see my

artistic design and, furthermore, become involved with my personal feelings and my psyche. I am quite excited about the exhibiting of this and additional works I will produce in the future.”

Currently, the director is working with editor
Mike Yamrus.

Another Civil War film created by this writer and director may be found at the website This is another very different look at war. Of the film, Dr. Brandon Beck, Director of The McCormick Civil War Institute states, “This is a powerful, poignant work.”